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Puya provides competitive die size, high performance & high reliability SPI Flash memory products for the diverse range of applications from Bluetooth, Wearable, IoT(NB), Touch, Type-C,TDDI, AMOLED, Solar cell,GPS,etc.


As technology innovator in SPI NOR Flash, Puya dedicates itself to developing distinctive SPI NOR Flash memory to meet the requirements of high performance, reliable quality and small form factor.P25Q IoT Flash? family features ultra-low power consumption and wide range Vcc,enabling extended battery life.

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Known Good Die(KGD)

Known Good Die (KGD) product is a preferred option for custom System in Package (SiP) solutions requiring small form factor memory. Puya provides SPI NOR Flash KGD products & IIC EEPROM KGD products to meet this requirement....


Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package(WLCSP)

Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) is one of the most cost-effective and space-efficient packaging options. The die size of Puya products has leading competitiveness, so Puya WLCSP is a true chip-scale package. Puya provides WLCSP SPI NOR.....


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